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IOS with Swift Course

IOS with Swift training course in kolkata with live international projects

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Minimum Eligibility:
Graduate/ B.E/ B.Tech/ BCA/ MCA
Course Duration:
4 Months
Mode Of Training:
Online and Offline
Course Fees Rs.20,000/-

iOS With more than 1 million users worldwide, iPhone has come a long way. The need and demand for iPhone apps is on the rise creating a huge job opportunity for app developers across the globe. If you wish to make your mark on the same and become an iOS developer you need to get enrolled in iPhone application development course for in-depth idea, knowledge and expertise.

Learners will also get extensive knowledge on xml and native iPhone application development from our expert iOS developer and help the students to shape the future as skilled iOS developers.

Karmick Institute is one of the premier institutes to offer iPhone course in Kolkata.

iOS Application Development Course Content:

Module 1: Basic Introduction - Timeframe: 1 week

  • Basics of Objective C
  • Basic introduction to iPhone and iPad functionality and Architecture.
  • Declaring Constants and Variables
  • Delegates & Data sources
  • Table View Controller, Scroll View ,Collection View Controller

Module 2: Xcode Library & Frameworks - Timeframe: 2 weeks

  • Familiarization with Xcode 8.3 & later - (Cocoa framework, Library, Attribute Inspector, Flow of control of a running application, Hello world program.)
  • Memory Management in iPhone
  • Basic Calculator Program
  • Advanced Calculator Program
  • Animation, CA-animation
  • Core-Location, Made, Navigation

Module 3: Working With Various Types of Views and Controllers - Timeframe: 1 week

  • Various types of views like picker view, date picker, Map, Custom table view, collection View, Alert Controller, Popup-view, Custom-Popup, Sliding-menu-view

Module 4: Introduction to Swift 3.1 - Timeframe: 2 weeks

  • Declaring Constants and Variables
  • Swift control statements, loops, enumerators, and closures
  • String manipulation
  • Working with Arrays and Dictionaries
  • Function Declarations
  • Class definitions
  • Delegates & Data sources
  • Control structure(with for in loop in swift 3.1)
  • Condition Statements

Module 5: Usual Views With Applying Swift - Timeframe: 1 week

  • MKMapView,ScrollView using swift
  • UIPickerView class using swift
  • Work with UIDatePicker class reference with help of swift
  • Simple & Custom TableView using swift
  • Introduce to UICollectionView with swift

Module 6: Basic UI Designing & Animation- swift 3.1 - Timeframe: 2 weeks

  • View animation and various touch methods.
  • CALayer, CATransition
  • Various Types of Gestures(Tap Swipe,Pan,Pinch Rotation,Longpress)
  • Image view and Animation using Animating Functions in Swift
  • Auto layout Constraint, Auto resizing Views

Module 7: StoryBoard Editor - Timeframe: 1 week

  • Navigation based application program.
  • Tab bar based application program.
  • Toolbar

Module 8: SDK Advanced - Timeframe: 2 weeks

  • Storyboard Basic Introduction to iwatch
  • Soap/Rest Api Web service using swift 3.1
  • GCD
  • Core Data Using swift
  • JSON Parsing using swift
  • Rest Api with Alamofire(swift)
  • Web Service based application program

Module 9: Game Application - Timeframe: 1 week

  • Basic Introduction to spritekit
  • spritekit game based application program

Project Work

On successful completion of the modules mentioned as above, the students will be assigned a Swift or Objective C based IOS app development project. Students develop the app under the guidance of a senior professional of Karmick Solutions Pvt. Ltd. iOS team.

On successful completion of the project, selected students (based on their performance) will get a 2 week on-job experience where they will be able to work alongside the app development team in Karmick Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Certification :

On completion of the full course, and successful execution of the project work, a training & project completion certificate will be provided to the students by Karmick Solutions Pvt Ltd.

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Advanced iPhone Course FAQs

You should be a graduate/B.E./B.Tech/BCA/MCA.

Yes, you need to have a technical background.

Our iOS trainers are experts in their field and deliver in-depth knowledge to students on one-to-one basis.
We hold our classes on weekends also so that if you are a working professional, it will be convenient for you. Additionally, in terms of fees, we are much more reasonable than many other institutes in Kolkata.

Our expert iOS developers will give you extensive knowledge on native iPhone application development and XML which will help you in your career.
The IT and other industries have huge demand for iOS application developers due to the advent of smart devices. Hence, you will have lot of job opportunities on your way.

Yes you will be supplied with study materials.

Yes. On successful completion of the course, you will get the opportunity to develop an iOS app under the guidance of a senior iOS professional.

You have to visit us at the address mentioned in the Contact Us page and talk to our counsellor for detailed information.

We guarantee 100% placement assistance.

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Karmick institute gives the best professional training to the student. I am proud to be a part of this institute because I got to learn many things from the teachers, which helped me, develop as a professional.

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